The Center for Global & International Studies offers four minors. Each provides a unique way to customize any bachelor's degree at KU. Students can complement their studies with a minor that provides a broad worldwide perspective or one that targets a specific world region. Our minors include:

  • Global & International
  • Europe
  • Latin America & Caribbean
  • Middle East

Program Details

Choose a Minor

Numerous flags of countries flying in the wind

Global & International

-offers the greatest flexibility regarding coursework and language learning.
Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany


-allows students to focus on issues and languages pertaining to Europe and the European Union.
City of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

Latin America & Caribbean

-enables students to focus on issues and languages of the region. See also KU's Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies.
Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Middle East

-allows students to focus research on the Middle East and learn its languages.