When Global East Meets Global South: East Asia & Latin America

University of Kansas - Lawrence, Kansas - March 29, 2024

The Center for Global and International Studies, Center for East Asian Studies, and Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Kansas are pleased to announce the "East Asia and Latin America" conference, to be held virtually on Friday, March 29th, at the University of Kansas, Lawrence. This interdisciplinary conference will bring together scholars from a variety of fields, including politics, history, economics, religion, anthropology, business, literature and the arts, to explore the historical and contemporary links between East Asia and Latin America and to rethink dominant narratives and knowledge production by the West and Global North. (read more)

Keynote Speakers


Asia-Latin America: Method/Praxis/Pedagogy

Junyoung Verónica Kim, Assistant Professor
Visual Culture & Media, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Kim’s study of the Asia-Latin America relationship diverges from previous studies of the regions. Proposing “Asia-Latin America as method,” rather than as a site of study, Dr. Kim questions Euromerican capitalism, the (post)colonial world order, and knowledge production. She calls for alternative conceptual frames through which we trace overlooked histories of migration and connections in the Pacific Rim. This method results in new pedagogical practices and transpacific networks.
Evan Ellis

Latin America Engages Asia: A Relationship in Transformation

R. Evan Ellis, Research Professor
Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College

Dr. Ellis will examine the latest trends in, and outlook for Latin America’s relationship with the PRC and other Asian partners, focusing on the concentration on smaller investments, in the digital and green energy sectors, nearshoring, space, security affairs, human networks, and multilateral engagement. He will also examine the impact on and response of US-friendly governments, including Japan and South Korea.