Bill Woods

Primary office:
Lindley Hall
Room 217A
University of Kansas
1475 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence, KS 66045



My research interests center on Abandoned Settlements, Anthropogenic Environmental

Change, Cultural Landscapes, Soils and Sediments, Traditional Settlement-Subsistence

Systems. I have extensive field experience in Mexico, Brazil, Belize, Belgium, Germany,

and Italy; with lesser amounts of time in Argentina, Colombia, and Ireland.

I am presently a member of research teams working with anthropogenic soils and related environmental history and prehistory in the Brazilian Amazon, Belgium, and at the UNESCO World Heritage Cahokia Mounds Site in southwestern Illinois. Another current research topic concerns carbon sequestration in soils as a potential mitigating process for land degradation and atmospheric CO2 accumulation. An ancillary interest involves birds has an indicator of anthropogenic environmental change.

Research Interests

  • Abandoned settlements
  • Anthropogenic environmental change
  • Cultural landscapes
  • Soils and sediments
  • Traditional settlement-subsistence systems
  • Amazonia

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