William D. Keel

Humanities - German Studies, Germanic Languages/Literatures
Primary office:
Wescoe Hall, 2070
University of Kansas
1445 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence, KS 66045-7590


Selected Publications

Keel, William D. “Deutsche Sprachinseln in Den USA.” Book Chapters. In Handbuch Der Deutschen Sprachminderheiten in Übersee, edited by Claudia Riehl and Albrecht Plewnia. Tübingen, Germany: Gunter Narr Verlag, 2018.
Keel, William, ed. Yearbook of German-American Studies. Books. Yearbook of German-American Studies. Vol. 51. Society for German-American Studies, 2017.
Keel, William D. “‘From Refugee of 1848 to American Superpatriot: “Colonel” Fred Buehrle--the Official Cannoneer of the State of Missouri.’” Journal Articles. Yearbook of German-American Studies 51 (2016) 51 (May 30, 2017): 109–34.
Keel, William. “‘Modelling the Dynamics of Intergenerational Assimilation to a Dominant Contact Language (American English) in  German Linguistic Enclaves on the Great Plains.’ .” Book Chapters. In Gegenwärtige Sprachkontakte Im Kontext Der Migration, edited by Stefaniya Ptashnyk. Heidelberg, Germany: Winter, 2016.
Keel, William D. “‘Noun Phrase Case Shift in Volga German Varieties on the Great Plains of Kansas.’” Book Chapters. In Heritage Languages in the Americas: Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Findings, edited by Richard Page and Michael Putnam. The Netherlands/USA: Brill, 2015.
Keel, William D. “Deutsche Sprache--Deutsche Dialekte in Colorado: Siedlungsgeschichte Und Restsprachinseln.” Book Chapters. In Sprachminderheit, Identität Und Sprachbiographie, edited by Günther Koch, 27–44. Regensburg, Germany: Edition Vulpes, 2013.
Keel, William D. “Models of Linguistic Accommodation and Assimilation in German Dialect Enclaves in Kansas.” Book Chapters. In Kontaktvarietäten Des Deutschen Synchron Und Diachron, edited by Elisabeth Knipf-Komlósi and Claudia Riehl, 17–36. Vienna, Austria: Praesens Verlag, 2012.
Keel, William D. “Pesth Am Beaver Creek: Geschichte Der Ungarndeutschen Sprachinsel Im Nordwesten von Kansas/USA.” Book Chapters. In Deutsch Grenzenlos: Festschrift Für Elisabeth Knipf Zum 60. Geburtstag, edited by Rita Brdar-Szabó , 190–99. Budapest: ELTE Germanistisches Institut, 2012.
Keel, William D. “An 1857 Version of the Schnitzelbank-Song from Basel, Switzerland.” Book Chapters. In The Language and Culture of the Pennsylvania Germans: A Festschrift for Earl C. Haag, edited by C. Richard Beam and William D. Keel, 175–96. Lawrence, KS: The Society for German-American Studies, 2010.
Keel, William. “Comparing Intergenerational Assimilation to American English in Several German Varietal Enclaves from the Ozarks Mountains of Missouri to the High Plains of Kansas.” Book Chapters. In German Abroad 2, Accepted/In Press.
Keel, William. “The West Germanic Dialect Continuum.” Book Chapters. In The Cambridge Handbook of Germanic Linguistics, edited by Michael Putnam and Richard Page, Accepted/In Press.
Keel, William. “Victoria (Herzog) Variety of Volga German in Ellis County, Kansas.” Book Chapters. In Varieties of German World-Wide, edited by Mark Louden, Hans Boas, Peter Maitz, and Ana Deumert, Accepted/In Press.

Selected Presentations

Keel, W. (10/21/2017). "Hurrah, Frei Kansas!” Germans and the Struggle Against Slavery in Kansas Territory. German-American History Talk and Gallery Tour, Watkins History Museum. Lawrence, Kansas
Keel, W. (4/21/2017). Variations on a Schnitzelbank: 100 Years of Schnitzelbank Songs in German-American and American Popular Culture. 41st Annual Symposium of the Society for German-American Studies. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Keel, W. (2/18/2017). Deitsch, Däätsch, Düütsch and Dietsch: Varieties of German in Kansas. Bluestem Language Symposium. Kansas State University
Keel, W. (11/3/2016). "Comparing Intergenerational Assimilation to American English
in Several German Varietal Enclaves from the Ozark Mountains of Missouri to the High Plains of Kansas". German Abroad 2. University of Texas Austin
Keel, W. (9/11/2015). The Upper Saxon Variety of German in the Lutheran Communities of East Perry County, Missouri: Survival of an Immigrant Language in the Rural Ozark Mountains. 5th Congress of the International Society for the Dialectology of German. University of Luxembourg
Keel, W. D. (3/1/2014). Deitsch, Däätsch, Düütsch, Dietsch: Transplanted Varieties of German on the Great Plains. 27th Annual Interdisciplinary German Studies Conference, Department of German, University of Californina-Berkeley. University of California-Berkeley
Keel, W. (5/10/2013). “Die Schnitzelbank oder Kunstmaler Klexel: From the Repertoire of the Deutsche Gesellschaft in New Orleans”. 37th Annual Symposium of the Society for German-American Studies. New Orleans, LA

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