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Postcards from Abroad

Postcards from Abroad is a 60-second radio broadcast. Each "postcard" gives listeners a brief and enticing glimpse into cultures from the contemporary to the ancient, from the exotic to the familiar. Postcards provide quirky news within a historical context! Scripts are written by regional experts and university staff from the five international area studies centers at KU: Center for East Asian Studies, Center for Global and International Studies, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Kansas African Studies Center and the Center for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies.

Postcards from Abroad is broadcast twice weekly (on Saturdays at 1:04 pm and on Wednesdays at 8:58 pm) on KANU, the flagship station of Kansas Public Radio, based in Lawrence at the University of Kansas. Below is the archive of posts from CGIS for your enjoyment. To listen to ALL of the Postcards from Abroad, click here.


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