Academic Director: Mike Wuthrich, Assistant Director, Center for Global and International Studies,   
Academic Advisor: Laura Leonard, To make an advising appointment, please call 785-864-3500.

Requirements for the minor

There are two requirements for the minor. First, students are required to complete 18 hours of course work, 12 of which must be numbered 300 or above, distributed as follows:

  • 2 courses (6 hours) from the core course options for the Global and International Studies Major:
  • ABSC 150: Community Leadership
  • ANTH 108/308: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology or ANTH 160/360: Varieties of Human Experience (new)
  • ECON 104/105: Introductory Economics or ECON 144/145: Principles of Macroeconomics (as of Spring 2013, ECON 142/143: Principles of Microeconomics is no longer an option, though it is accepted for those taking it in Fall 2012 or earlier)
  • GEOG 100: World Regional Geography or GEOG 102/103: Principles of Human Geography
  • GIST 301: Introduction to Global and International Studies (new)
  • HIST 308: Key Themes in Modern Global History
  • POLS 150/151: Introduction to Comparative Politics or POLS 170/171: Introduction to International Politics
  • REL 106: Living Religions of the East or REL 107: Living Religions of the West (new)
  • SOC 130/131 Comparative Societies
  • 2 courses (6 hours) on one region from the Regional Expertise list for the GIST major, one of which must be a designated overview course (see link to “Menu” and “Requirements Checklist” below)
  • 2 courses (6 hours) on one field of specialization from the Substantive Specialization list for the GIST major, the content of which must be international or from regions outside of your “Regional Expertise” (see link to “Menu” below)

Second, students are required to satisfy the CLAS Bachelor of Arts degree foreign language requirement. This may be done in any one of the following ways: (1) pass the proficiency examination in one foreign language; (2) complete a fourth-semester-level course in one foreign language; or (3) complete any foreign language course that has a fourth-semester-level course as a prerequisite.

Academic Advisor: Laura Leonard,
To make and advising appointment please call 785-864-3500.

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