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Misty Schieberle, Ph.D.

Humanities - English
Associate Professor
Conger Gagel Teaching Professor
Primary office:
Wescoe Hall, 3136
University of Kansas
1445 Jayhawk Blvd
Lawrence, KS 66045


Teaching Interests

  • Chaucer
  • Medieval women writers
  • Manuscript study
  • Arthurian literature
  • History of the English language
  • Old and Middle English literature

Research Interests

  • Middle English literature
  • Advice literature
  • Writings for and about women
  • Literary exchanges between England and Europe
  • Manuscript reception and transmission

Selected Publications

Schieberle, Misty. “The Lytle Bibell of Knyghthod, Christine de Pizan’s Epistre Othea, and the Problem with Authorial Manuscripts.” Journal of English and Germanic Philology, vol. 118, 2019, pp. 100–28, doi:10.5406/jenglgermphil.118.1.0100.
Schieberle, Misty. Gendering Death in Middle English Translations of the Epistre Othea
. Apr. 2017, https://arc-humanities.org/blog/2017/04/22/gendering-death-in-middle-eng....
Schieberle, Misty. A Lydgatian Christine de Pizan?: The Lytle Bibell of Knyghthod (c. 1450)
. Mar. 2017, https://arc-humanities.org/blog/2017/03/23/a-lydgatian-christine-de-piza....
Schieberle, Misty. “Mirrors for Princes (3,000 Words).” Encyclopedia of Medieval British Literature, Ed. Sian Echard and Robert Rouse (Wiley-Blackwell), Pp. 1369-72, 2017.
Schieberle, Misty. “Proverbial Fools and Rival Wisdom:  Lydgate’s Order of Fools and Marcolf.” The Chaucer Review, Sept. 2014, doi:10.5325/chaucerrev.49.2.0204.
Schieberle, Misty. Feminized Counsel and the Literature of Advice in England, 1380-1500. Brepols, 2014, doi:10.1484/M.DISPUT-EB.5.105979.
Schieberle, Misty. “John Gower, Poems on Contemporary Events: The Visio Anglie (1381) and Cronica Tripertita (1400), Ed. David R. Carlson and Transl. A. G. Rigg.” University of Toronto Quarterly, vol. 82, no. 3, 2013, pp. 604–05.
Schieberle, Misty. “Barnyard Pedagogy: An Approach to Teaching Chaucer’s Nun’s Priest’s Tale.” Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching, vol. 20, no. 2, 2013, pp. 19–40.
Schieberle, Misty. “Controlling the Uncontrollable: Love and Fortune in Book 1 of the Confessio Amantis.” ES. Revista de Filología Inglesa, vol. 33, no. 1, 2012, pp. 75–89.
Schieberle, Misty. “‘Thing Which a Man Mai Noght Areche’: Women and Counsel in Gower’s Confessio Amantis.” The Chaucer Review, vol. 42, no. 1, 2007, pp. 91–109, doi:10.1353/cr.2007.0024.

Selected Work

Selected Presentations

Schieberle, M. (9/16/2017). Stephen Scrope's "Persyval" and Other Evidence of His Hasty Translation. Mid-America Medieval Association. Kansas City, MO

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