L-R: Saudi Arabian Artist Ahmed Mater; Persian Culture Festival; Amb.John Limbert's lecture, "America & Iran: Endless Enemies?"

Middle East Studies Program

The University of Kansas has been dedicated to the study of the Middle East for many years. KU supports teaching and research related to the study of the Middle East across disciplines, as well a sponsoring numerous outreach programs. The program in Middle East Studies seeks to bring these historic assets together to facilitate knowledge about the Middle East from different perspectives, for the University and for the surrounding communities. The Middle East Studies Program is a cooperative endeavor, through which we hope to strengthen, unify and build upon the many resources available at University of Kansas. As of fall 2014, KU now offers an undergraduate minor in Middle East Studies. KU offers the opportunity for study in 4 middle eastern languages: Arabic, PersianHebrew and Turkish.

In 2011 Dr. Jacquelene Brinton was appointed as Interim Coordinator for Middle East Studies at KU, officially becoming Academic Director in 2014. Dr. Brinton is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, teaching on Islam, Muslim reform, comparative religion, comparative ethics, Islamic ethics, women, gender and religion, theories and methods in Religious Studies and Sufism. Her research focuses on contemporary Islam, preaching, religion and media and modern Egypt. Her first book, "Preaching Islamic Renewal: Religious Authority in Modern Egypt" is forthcoming.

Please visit the Middle East Studies website for full information on the minor requirements, upcoming events and activities and more.

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