Hamsa Stainton

Humanities -
Assistant Professor
Primary office:
Smith Hall, 106
University of Kansas
1300 Oread Avenue
Lawrence, KS 66045-7615


Selected Publications

Stainton, Hamsa. 2017. “Poetry as Prayer: The ŚAiva Hymns of Jagaddhara of Kashmir.” Journal Articles. Edited by Jonathan  B Edelmann, January. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11407-016-9197-2.
Stainton, Hamsa. 2017. “SomāNanda.” Encyclopedia Entries. In , edited by Rita Sherma. Springer. https://doi.org/978-94-007-2590-4.
Stainton, Hamsa. 2017. “Trika.” Encyclopedia Entries. In , edited by Rita Sherma. Springer.
Stainton, Hamsa. 2016. Book Reviews. Edited by Jonathan Silk. Brill.
Stainton, Hamsa M. 2015. “Stotras in Jainism and Beyond at the AAS.” Newsletter Articles. Centre for Jaina Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies .
Stainton, Hamsa. 2015. “PratyāBhijñāHṛDayakāRikā” Commentaries. Edited by Radhavallabha Tripathi 54 (January): 109–11.
Stainton, Hamsa M. 2014. “Review: ‘Exploring the Bhagavad GīTā: Philosophy, Structure and Meaning.’” Review Essays. Edited by Roger  T Ames. University of Hawai’i.
Stainton, Hamsa. 2010. “Stotras, Sanskrit Hymns.” Journal Articles. Edited by Knut  A. Jacobsen , 193–207.
Stainton, Hamsa. 2008. “Review: The Bhagavad Gita.” Reviews. http://www.saglobalaffairs.com/book-reviews/191-review-the-bhagavad-gita....
Stainton, Hamsa. Accepted/In Press. “Poetry and KṣEmarāJa’s Hermeneutics of Non-Dualism.” Book Chapters. In , edited by Bettina Bäumer and Hamsa Stainton.
Stainton, Hamsa. In Preparation/Progress; Not Yet Submitted. Poetry as Prayer in the Sanskrit Hymns of Kashmir. Books.
Stainton, Hamsa. Submitted/In Review. TantrapuṣPāñJali: Offerings in Memory of a True Pandit. Books, Introductions. Edited by Bettina Bäumer and Hamsa Stainton. Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts.
Stainton, Hamsa, and Bettina Bäumer , eds. Submitted/In Review. “TantrapuṣPāñJali: Tantric Studies in Memory of Pandit H.N. Chakravarty.” Books, Edited Volumes.
Stainton, Hamsa. Accepted/In Press. The Courtship of ŚIva and Sarasvatī in the Poetry of Jagaddhara of Kashmir. Conference Proceedings. Edited by Raffaele Torella. Rashtriya Sanskrita Sansthana and D.K. Printworld.

Selected Presentations

Stainton, H. (11/30/2016). “Approaching Praise Poetry via Kashmir”. American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting. San Antonio, TX
Stainton, H. (10/31/2016). “Beyond Death and Decay: Literary Innovation in the Sanskrit Hymns of Kashmir”. Annual Conference on South Asia. Madison, WI
Stainton, H. (3/31/2016). “Devotional Poetry and the Poetics of Devotion: On the History of Bhaktirasa in Kashmir”. American Oriental Society Annual Meeting
Stainton, H. (3/20/2015). Aesthetics and Religious Experience in the Non-dual Hymns of Kashmir. Religion in South Asia Conference. Missouri State University, Springfield, MO. http://www.missouristate.edu/assets/relst/SAsian_conference_program.pdf
Stainton, H. (10/31/2014). Book prospectus for Poetry as Prayer: Stotras in Kashmir and Beyond. American Institute of Indian Studies Dissertation-to-Book Workshop, in conjunction with the annual Madison South Asia Conference. Madison, WI
Stainton, H. (9/15/2014). Rebooting Hindu Hymns. South Asian Studies Seminar Series. University of Iowa, Iowa City
Stainton, H. M. (3/31/2014). Poetry as Prasāda: Sanskrit Stotras and the Nature of Bhakti. Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference. Philadelphia
Stainton, H. M. (11/30/2013). Poetry as Prayer: The Śaiva Hymns of Jagaddhara of Kashmir. American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting. Baltimore
Stainton, H. M. (11/30/2013). Tantric Poetry and Poetics: Rethinking Stotras from Kashmir. American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting. Baltimore

Selected Grants

“Monasteries as Keepers of Traditional Ecological Knowledge," an international, collaborative grant for research in Sri Lanka, January 2017. International Programs Travel Fund. $1000.00. Submitted 12/1/2016 (1/1/2017 - 1/31/2017). University (KU or KUMC). Status: Funded

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