GIST Core Instructional Faculty

Nazli Avdan
Assistant Professor
Blake Hall, Room 504-F

GIST 682: Transnational Terrorism

Associate Professor
Smith Hall, Room 204
Hannah E. Britton
Associate Professor
Blake Hall, Room 504E

GIST 696: Diplomacy Lab

Bart Dean
Associate Professor
Fraser Hall, Room 639

GIST 465: Genocide and Ethnocide

GIST 570: Anthropology of Violence

Assistant Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 3028

GIST 306: Global Environmental Literature

Lindley Hall, Room 409

GIST 582: Geopolitics and Genocide

Eric A. Hanley
Associate Professor
Fraser Hall, Room 712

GIST 702: Globalization

Sheyda Jahanbani
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 3611

GIST 314: Globalization: History & Theory

GIST 705: Globalization in History

Jay T. Johnson
Associate Professor, Associate Chair of Geography & Atmospheric Science Director, C-FIRST
Lindley Hall, Room 402

GIST 601: Indigenous Peoples of the World 

John J. Kennedy
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Director for Political Science
Blake Hall, Room 521

GIST 696: Diplomacy Lab

GIST 697: Research & Diplomacy Lab

GIST 710: Interdisciplinary Research Methods for Global Contexts

Assistant Teaching Professor

Dr. Brian Lagotte is an anthropologist of education focusing on policy issues both domestically and internationally. Dr. Lagotte teaches the introduction to the Global and International Studies (GIST 220), research methods for undergraduate students (GIST 610), and both the regular and honors sections of the GIST capstone course (GIST698 and GIST 699).

Shannon O'Lear
Professor, Director, Center for Global and International Studies
Lindley Hall, Room 213

GIST 371: Environmental Geopolitics 

Ebenezer Obadare
Fraser Hall, Room 741
Maria Omelicheva
Professor, Department of Political Science
Blake Hall, Room 408

GIST 686: International Human Rights

GIST 696: Diplomacy Lab

Kathryn A. Rhine
Associate Professor
Fraser Hall, Room 631A

GIST 210/211: Culture & Health

Erik Scott
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 2610

GIST 376: Immigrants, Refugees, and Diasporas

Associate Professor of Brazilian Literature and Culture
Wescoe Hall, Room 2630

GIST 550: Afro-Brazilian Culture and Globalization

Lorie Vanchena
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 2078
Assistant Professor
Blake Hall, Room 323

GIST 565: Gender, Culture, and Migration

GIST 550: Global Feminism

Barney Warf
Lindley Hall, Room 219C

GIST 354: Globalization: A Geographic Approach

GIST 555: Seminar in Urban Geography

Assistant Professor or Political Science, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Global & International Studies, Interim Director, Middle East Studies

Director of Undergraduate Studies for Global & International Studies
Interim Director of Middle East Studies

GIST 624: Social Movements in the Middle East
GIST 633: Iran, Turkey & the Kurds
GIST 697: Research & Diplomacy Lab
GIST 701: Approaches to International Studies
GIST 710: Interdisciplinary Research Methods for Global Contexts


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