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Virginia Emily Ho

School of Law - Law School
Primary office:
Green Hall
Room 412
University of Kansas
1535 W. 15th Street
Lawrence, KS 66045


Teaching Interests

  • Business law, corporate finance, Chinese law, international business transactions, comparative law, deals, due diligence, corporate social responsibility

Research Interests

  • Sustainable finance, corporate governance, shareholder activism, comparative law, multinational enterprises, risk management, corporate social responsibility, securities regulation

Selected Publications

Sustainable Finance & China’s Green Credit Reforms: A Test Case for Bank Monitoring of Environmental Risk, 51 Cornell International Law Journal (forthcoming 2018)

Nonfinancial Disclosure & The Costs of Private Ordering, 55 American Business Law Journal (2018)

Capital Market Disclosure Regimes: Advancing Accountability for Chinese TNCs , in Handbook of Research on Transnational Corporations (Edward Elgar, 2017)

'Comply or Explain’ and the Future of Nonfinancial Reporting, 21 Lewis & Clark Law Review 317 (2017)

Risk-Related Activism: The Business Case for Monitoring Nonfinancial Risk, 41 Journal of Corporation Law 647 (2016)

Team Production & the Multinational Enterprise, 38 Seattle Law Review 499 (2015)

The Pursuit of Happiness with Chinese Characteristics, 82(973) UMKC Law Review (2014)

The Recursivity of Reform: China's Amended Labor Contract Law, 37 Fordham International Law Review 973 (May 2014)

Of Enterprise Principles and Corporate Groups: Does Corporate Law Reach Human Rights?, 56 Columbia Journal of Transnational Law (2013)

Beyond Regulation: A Comparative Look at State-Centric Corporate Social Responsibility & the Law in China, 46 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 375 (Mar. 2013)

Corporate Governance as Risk Regulation in China: A Comparative View of Risk Oversight, Risk Management, and Accountability, 4 European Journal of Risk Regulation 463 (2012)

Governance Beyond Regulation: Corporate Social Responsibility and the Role of the State in Comparative Perspective, 2 公共行政评论 [Chinese Journal of Public Administration] 100 (2012)

Theories of Corporate Groups: Corporate Identity Reconceived, 42 Seton Hall Law Review 879-951 (2012)

"Enlightened Shareholder Value": Corporate Governance Beyond the Shareholder-Stakeholder Divide, 36 Journal of Corporate Law 59 (2010)

From Contracts to Compliance? An Early Look at Implementation Under China's New Labor Legislation, 23 Columbia Journal of Asian Law 35 (2009)

Selected Presentations

Harper Ho, V. E. & Park, S. . (06/22/2018). The Global Scope of Non-Financial Reporting: Optimizing Private Ordering in Public Disclosure. 2018 National Business Law Scholars Conference. University of Georgia School of Law

Harper Ho, V. E. (05/24/2018). Moderator, "The Opportunities & Challenges of Chinese Foreign Investment: A Public Forum" . Sponsored by the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations' Public Intellectuals Program, funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York. . Kansas City World Trade Center

Harper Ho, V. E. (09/11/2017). Nonfinancial Risk & The Costs of Private Ordering. 2017 Law, Finance & Sustainability Conference, University of Sheffield (UK), Sheffield Institute of Corporate and Commercial Law (SICCL).

Harper Ho, V. E. (06/09/2017). Disclosure Effectiveness, Nonfinancial Risk, & The Costs of Private Ordering. 2017 National Business Law Scholars Conference, University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law.

Harper Ho, V. E. (03/02/2017 - 03/03/2017). Shareholder Activism & Voluntary Reporting. 2017 J.B. Maurice C. Shapiro Environmental Law Symposium. George Washington University School of Law

Harper Ho, V. E. (11/16/2016 - 11/16/2016). China's Green Credit Reforms: Creditor Monitoring & ESG Transparency. International & Comparative Law Research Forum. Harvard Law School

Harper Ho, V. E. (10/07/2016 - 10/07/2016). "Comply or Explain" and the Future of Nonfinancial Reporting. 2016 Business Law Forum: Innovating CSR - From the Local to the Global. Lewis & Clark University School of Law

Ho, V. E. (08/09/2015). Integrating Law, Sustainability and Environment in the Business Curriculum. Academy of Legal Studies in Business (ALSB) Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Harper Ho, V. . (02/05/2015 - 02/06/2015). Corporate Responsibility in China: Law & the Business Case for Strategic CSR. Symposium: Corporate Social Responsibility in Emerging Markets. University of South Carolina School of Law

Harper Ho, V. E. (10/16/2014). Presenter, Legal Reform and Social Change in China. China Town Hall Meeting, National Committee on U.S.-China Relations. Washburn University

Harper Ho, V. E. (09/23/2014). Shareholder Activism and Firm-Specific Risk: Arbitraging Engagement. United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment Academic Network Conference: Bridging the Gap. Montreal, Canada

Harper Ho, V. . (06/23/2014 - 06/24/2014). Team Production & the Multinational Enterprise. Berle VI Symposium: Blair & Stout and Beyond. University of Seattle School of Law

Harper Ho, V. E. (06/07/2014 - 06/09/2014). From the Balance Sheet to Beta: A Hands-On Approach to Teaching Accounting & Finance Concepts. AALS 2014 Midyear Meeting Workshop: Blurring Boundaries in Financial & Corporate Law. Washington, D.C.

Harper Ho, V. E. (07/01/2013). Government Voluntary Clubs: A Comparative Look at Regulatory Innovation. Colloquium, Fudan University, School of International Relations and Public Affairs.

Harper Ho, V. E. (01/05/2013). Corporate Governance as Risk Regulation in China: A Comparative View of Risk Oversight, Risk Management, and Accountability. American Association of Law Schools (AALS) Annual Meeting, Section on Business Associations panel on Business Associations and Governance in Emerging Economies.

Harper Ho, V. E. (05/09/2012). Regulating Beyond Regulation: State Sponsorship of Corporate Social Responsibility in China. Chinese Law Works-in-Progress Workshop, Columbia University School of Law.

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