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"I came to the university of Kansas on a Fulbright Scholarship in August 2013. Based on my essays and application, the Fulbright program placed me in the GIST program at KU. I had no school preference. However, after learning about the GIST program and, especially, the flexibility of its academic programs, I was more than glad to be a part of it. I was warmly welcomed by the academic and administrative staff. With the assistance of the Director of Graduate Studies and Program Academic Advisor, I selected my topical focus (Peace Studies) and regional concentration (Middle East) as well as the proper courses that would fulfill the program requirements. Although it was, at times, very demanding, I was able to complete the program with a 4.0 GPA and a well-written honors thesis that was praised by the defense committee. I strongly recommend this program for students interested in global issues. This program provides you with a general background of global and international studies and, in the same time, you get the chance to focus on a specific topic and region."

- Baba Adou (International student from Mauritania- Graduated Spring 2015)


"As a prospective international student researching graduate programs, there were many aspects of KU and the Global & International Studies program that appealed to me. The University of Kansas has a rich tradition, a beautiful campus, vibrant student community including a large number of international students, and proven academic excellence. GIST is a diverse interdisciplinary program that offers students a possibility to choose topical and regional courses from a variety of studies such as: Global & International Studies, Political Science, European Studies, Russian and East European Studies, Middle East Studies, Conflict and Peace Studies and others. Required courses expose students to different disciplines such as: International Relations, Globalization, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Geography, Anthropology, and Ethnography. The GIST program equips students with advanced research and analytical skills and knowledge of global and international issues based on theoretical, historical, and comparative perspectives. Classes at KU are very interactive and professors are genuinely helpful in supporting students to develop academically by encouraging constructive debate in class, raising intellectual questions, and providing individual feedback."

- Tefik Agushi (International Student from Kosovo- Graduated Spring 2016)



"The GIST Program at Edwards has been the perfect transition vehicle for me. I started this program as I transitioned from a busy corporate job to stay at home with a new baby. It has enabled me to get a masters degree and having better career aspects when I am ready to go back to the work force. Four years and two kids later, I am ready to graduate and the classes and people who I met through this program have inspired me to switch to a career in the non-profit sector and to the important role we can play in being part of a solution in an increasingly chaotic global setting that lies beyond the corporate world. The people running the program, from the advisors to the faculty, especially Dr. Wuthrich my advisor have been very supportive and flexible which has been critical for my success in the program being a busy mom of two children under the age of four.​"

- Nida Dada (Graduated Spring 2016)



"The knowledge I've gained about international issues has been really helpful, since I work with a global network of individuals who are committed to addressing issues in their communities. Since these obviously vary widely based on location, it's tremendously helpful to have a background on historical conflicts, migration-related topics, the impacts of human trafficking, etc. It's also great to have a better sense of where to go to find relevant (and accurate) data or literature related to those topics. I have used materials from my classes to assist members of PTPI in setting up programs in their communities, and to contribute to conferences based on globally-relevant issues. Additionally, the diversity of students I've met through the program has given me such a fantastic insight on many of the diverse populations I interact with through my job. There is a wonderful community of excellent, caring, knowledgeable professors and staff at KU and an incredibly diverse, fascinating group of students taking part in the Global and International Studies Program. I am extremely grateful for all that I've learned and will truly miss the effects of being a part of the program."

- Liz Wegman (Graduated Fall 2015)



"I first learned about the program through KU’s website and then through observing a summer course that was offered by GIST. I found the course to be fascinating and I was excited with the interdisciplinary flexibility that the program offered. I began the program as a part-time student in the spring of 2014 and participated in GIST 702: Globalization. This was my first opportunity to explore the impacts of globalization and I very much enjoyed the professor, Dr. Darlene Budd, the level of class discussion, as well as the topic itself. Since then, the GIST program has provided an opportunity for me to explore different fields and recognize the importance of interdisciplinary discussion to pressing contemporary concerns. It has also offered me the opportunity to explore departments that I might be interested in pursuing a PhD in without having to commit until I am ready. Finally, the GIST program has helped me to develop a broader, global perspective of minority and women’s rights issues, an area that I want to continue to pursue professionally."

- Rachel Wigen-Toccalino (Graduated Spring 2016)

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