Knowledge of a Second Language

Gaining proficiency in a second language is an important part of Global and International Studies. Before completing the M.A. program, students must demonstrate familiarity with a language other than their native tongue. This can be done through two years of successful college-level study (either before entering the program or concurrently) or — if the student has gained competence through other means (such as tutoring or living abroad)— through certification by the appropriate KU language department coordinator.

Options for Meeting the Language Requirement

  • Ideally, your language training will be relevant to your regional focus in your master’s coursework; however, there is no requirement that these be consistent. Thus, you can complete the language requirement in any language that is of interest to you.
  • There is no requirement that language courses be completed at KU. If you commute to Lawrence, you may want to explore language courses offered at the Edwards Campus, Johnson County Community College, or any other college that is convenient for you.
  • KU’s French, Spanish, and German departments offer language reading courses designed to help graduate students meet the language reading requirements of certain doctoral programs. These courses can be counted as part of GIST's four semester language requirement.
  • KU’s Office of Study Abroad offers many options for summer language study. Often a student can get credit for the equivalent of 2 semesters of study in a 6-8 week program. If summer travel is possible for you, consider exploring these options.

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