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CGIS Undergraduate

NEW Requirements for a B.A. in Global & International Studies (required for students entering KU Fall 2017 or later, optional for students entering KU prior to Fall 2017) – For students beginning at KU prior to Fall 2014, please consult the appropriate checklist under the "Forms" tab.

To officially declare a major in Global and International Studies, please schedule an appointment with the GIST undergraduate advisor, Laura Leonard (864-3500).

The major requires a minimum of 33 hours, 18 of which must be numbered 300 or above, and distributed as follows:

Introductory Coursework (6 hours/2 units)

Students must take:

  • GIST 220: Introduction to Global & International Studies (core goal GE11)

and one course from the following:

  • ANTH 108/109*/308: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (AE42; GE3S)
  • ANTH 160/162*/360: Varieties of Human Experience (AE42; GE3S; GE3H)
  • ECON 104/105*: Introductory Economics (GE3S)
  • ECON 144/145*: Principles of Macroeconomics (GE3S)
  • GEOG 100/101*: World Regional Geography (AE42)
  • GEOG 102/103*: Principles of Human Geography (AE42; GE3S)
  • GIST 210/211*: Culture and Health (AE42)
  • GIST 215: A Global History of Money: Aristotle to Bitcoin
  • HIST/EVRN 103: Environment and History
  • HIST/EVRN/GEOG 140/144*: Global Environment I: Discovery of Environmental Change (GE3H)
  • HIST/EVRN/GEOG 142/145*: Global Environment II: Ecology of Human Civilization (GE3H)
  • POLS 150/151*: Introduction to Comparative Politics (GE3S; AE42)
  • POLS 170/171*: Introduction to International Politics (GE3S; AE42)
  • REL 106/108*: Asian Religions (GE3H; AE42)
  • REL 107/109*: Jews, Christians, Muslims (GE3H; AE42)
  • SOC 130/131*: Comparative Societies (AE42)

Students must also take one additional foreign language course (minimum 3 hours) beyond the 4th semester proficiency language requirement (300 level or above) or any additional foreign language course (3-5 hours).

Issues in Global Studies (minimum 9 hours/3 units)

Majors must take 3 courses from an approved list of GIST courses focusing on contemporary global themes on subjects such as human trafficking, the global environment, terrorism, transnational migration and borders, global issues in gender, citizenship, indigenous peoples, the global economic system, and globalization.  Courses offered as: GIST 550: Issues in Global Studies:__________ are always approved to fulfill this requirement. 

Approved Courses for Issues in Global Studies:


GIST 305

World Indigenous Literatures


GIST 306

Global Environmental Literature


GIST 308

Key Themes in Modern Global History


GIST 314

Globalization: History and Theory


GIST 354

Globalization: A Geographic Approach


GIST 371

Environmental Geopolitics


GIST 376

Immigrants, Refugees, and Diasporas


GIST 465

Genocide and Ethnocide


GIST 529

Globalization: A Sociological Approach


GIST 550

Issues in Global Studies: _____


GIST 555

Seminar in Urban Geography


GIST 565

Gender, Culture, and Migration


GIST 570

Anthropology of Violence


GIST 582

Geopolitics and Genocide


GIST 601

Indigenous Peoples of the World


GIST 667

Islam and Politics


GIST 682

Transnational Terrorism


GIST 686

International Human Rights


SOC 534

Global Ethnic and Racial Relations


SOC 573

Sociology of Violence


SOC 629

Sociology of Sport


International Electives (minimum 9 hours/3 units)

Majors must take 3 courses from the list of approved international elective courses. Students are strongly encouraged to strategically select a cluster of three courses that would help them to maximize a double-major with another program. For example, students double-majoring in geography or history, should select their international electives from the list of approved GEOG or HIST courses. Likewise, students majoring in Latin American Studies or Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, should choose their courses from the approved list of LAA or REES courses. Students may, however, select from any of the approved courses available. A list of the courses which satisfy this requirement each semester are available on the website.

Capstone Coursework (minimum 6 hours/2 units)

Students must take both of the following:

  • GIST 610: Interdisciplinary Research Methods for Global Contexts
  • GIST 698: Capstone or GIST 699: Capstone, Honors (AE61)

For the international electives approved for GIST but offered by other departments, when necessary, students must fulfill prerequisites for enrolling in upper-level coursework whether or not the prerequisites count toward the major. Students may petition to have a course not on the approved international electives list count toward degree requirements by contacting the academic director, Michael Wuthrich (mwuthrich@ku.edu) or the undergraduate advisor, Laura Leonard (laleonar@ku.edu, 864-3500).

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